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Brera Capital Partners, LLC, is a global private equity investment firm that seeks to invest in controlling positions in a select group of companies. Our investments are made through a $680 million fund, Brera Capital Partners Limited Partnership.

Brera concentrates its resources on realizing a company's full potential in close partnership with management and with full respect for management's prerogatives. We seek to achieve superior returns by improving the fundamental strength and performance of each company in which we invest. We believe that by building better companies we will create value substantially independent of the fluctuations of the financial markets.

Sharp Focus on Each Company
Brera views each company in which we invest as a unique asset - never as just part of a portfolio - and we actively exercise the responsibilities of ownership in each company. This approach is distinct from that of most private equity firms, which aim to achieve their return objectives for a portfolio as a whole. We invest only in situations where Brera and the management team clearly share a precise strategic direction and vision for the company. We focus sharply on each investment and engage with management in a continuous effort to enhance that companyıs unique, fundamental strengths.

Our role as active owners is to support management with the resources it needs - not only capital, but also the wide experience, the special expertise and the contacts of Brera's professionals. We share insights and ideas with management. At the same time, we firmly believe that the responsibility for running the business must rest solely with the executives of that company.

We invest in a company only when we have strong confidence in its management and are certain that Brera and management share the same vision and goals for the company and agree that the principle of doing what is right for the company will always govern the decision-making process.

Long-Term Investors
Our goal is to realize economic rewards by helping successful companies fulfill their potential for growth; we do not seek quick profits. Brera is a long-term investor, and we seek to build the intrinsic value of a business on a sustained basis.


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