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At Brera, we believe that the best way to create value is to form a close partnership with the management of each company in which we invest. True partnership encourages collegiality, open communication and prompt decision-making. In evaluating investment prospects, we look for management partners who are dedicated to improving their companies' fundamental strengths and have a true passion to do so. We view our role as facilitating the achievement of management's vision for a company, encouraging and enabling executive ownership, and helping to reposition the company in light of industry conditions.

As investors, we always respect management's prerogative to run the company. At the same time, we believe that an effective partnership with management is founded on close operational and financial ties that require a common understanding of the needs of the business, a shared vision for growth, and mutual decision-making that is governed by the principle of doing what is right for the company.

Distinct Responsibilities
Brera's commitment to partnership begins even before we invest - by working with management to develop a detailed strategic plan to realize a company's full potential. Management clearly is responsible for executing the plan, while our role is to support management with all of our capabilities - capital, financial and operational experience, and specialized knowledge of relevant industries and markets.

Typically, two or more Brera professionals sit on the board of each of our companies, with one serving as non-executive chairman. We share our insights and ideas constructively with management. We regularly review a company's capital structure and cash needs, seek complementary acquisitions and monitor its strategic position. We also make appropriate capital resources available, as needed, to fund internal growth and facilitate acquisitions.

Recognition and Rewards
At Brera, we recognize the importance of encouraging executives to become owners of their own company and to focus all of their managerial and entrepreneurial skills on building that company. In fact, we believe that management should have a significant equity ownership in the company in the form of a direct investment and incentive options. Brera's professionals have the experience necessary to achieve this goal, as well as skill in designing appropriate executive compensation packages carefully tailored to the specific needs of each company.


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