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Brera invests for the long term and in a very limited number of companies. We want to ensure that we can devote the appropriate resources to each investment and achieve our goal of creating sustainable value through a patient process of building on each company's unique, fundamental strengths. We invest only after careful evaluation of the target company and its management to ensure a good fit with Brera's capabilities, people and investment philosophy.

Efficiency of Private Capital
We recognize that private equity can be the most efficient source of capital and strategic assistance when a healthy company needs to reposition and strengthen itself in a challenging, competitive and evolving environment in order to fulfill its growth potential.

Changes in technology, customer needs, industry consolidation or deregulation can present significant opportunities or challenges to any senior management. Under these circumstances, we believe that private companies - supported by active, dedicated, responsible ownership - are especially well-suited to take advantage of opportunities to deploy long-term capital and reposition operations to compete more effectively. Private capital is free of the short-term pressures of the public market where investors often focus on quarterly results and analysts frequently offer only cursory understanding. In addition, private equity ownership gives a company access to highly experienced professionals who are dedicated exclusively to the success of that company.

Brera's Contributions
Brera brings to each company in which we invest both long-term capital and critical expertise. Equally important, we bring a deep understanding of the needs of the business and a partnership with management dedicated exclusively to strengthening the company and creating long-term value.


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