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Brera was formed when Alberto Cribiore, after 25 years in the private investment business, joined with other seasoned professionals to focus their experience and skills on the challenge of building successful companies.

Brera's Unique Capabilities
Brera has unique capabilities, founded on the diverse backgrounds and complementary strengths of our people. In addition to capital, we bring to every investment extensive financial and managerial experience and in-depth knowledge of the management buy-out process. Brera's professionals have experience directly relevant to the elements of successful investment in a wide spectrum of industries and geographic markets. Our people have been active in the telecommunications, healthcare, financial services and outsourcing industries, and maintain wide networks of relationships in these and many other industries.

Because of our years of personal experience, we bring important qualities and skills to every investment, including a detailed understanding of the prospects of the businesses in which we invest, proven skill in dealing with relationship issues and absolute integrity, discretion and professionalism. In particular, we have broad experience in maintaining long-term relationships with the former corporate parents of companies we have acquired. Former parents often are in a position to continue using the new company as a provider of products or services. We understand the importance of these relationships and have played a key role in intricate negotiations to sustain them and to manage relationship issues for the benefit of all involved.

Similarly, we are able to provide critical support to newly divested companies that have relied on former parents for expertise in such areas as insurance, human resources, legal counsel, marketing and public relations. Brera has strong capabilities in these areas, complemented by a network of working relationships with leading professional services firms.

Geographic Focus
The U.S. market has been and continues to be our main focus, but we are increasingly exploring opportunities in Asia, mainly Japan, and in Southern Europe, primarily Italy. Thanks to the backgrounds of Brera's professionals, we enjoy a competitive advantage in these regions of the world.


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