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Brera invests in a select group of companies where we can add value by contributing our expertise and capital in a true partnership with management. To identify investments that meet our requirements, we engage in a thorough process of carefully evaluating all potential investment opportunities. In particular, we focus on investing in controlling interests in companies with strong potential for sustained capital appreciation.

Often these companies are:

– non-core and often under-performing operations of large corporations

– private or publicly held companies undergoing a strategic transition

– companies that require growth capital

Brera's investments take the form of traditional management buyouts, recapitalizations (including controlling minority investments) or restructurings. We prefer to invest in companies with an enterprise value of over $250 million or the potential to achieve at least that level. We can provide directly more than $150 million of equity capital for each transaction and call on our investors for co-investment capital for larger opportunities.

Forging Close Ties With Management
Brera invests only on a friendly basis and only after we have established a positive relationship with management based on sharing the same vision and goals for the company. Before investing, we work with management to identify the company's key needs and develop a detailed strategic business plan. Based on this plan, Brera designs a financial structure that will ensure adequate capital for the company's needs. With the plan in place, the management team continues to exercise sole responsibility for running the company and implementing the plan. Brera's responsibility is to support management by actively contributing our financial and operational expertise to help achieve the goals that management and Brera have set together.

Brera seeks superior returns in the long term by building successful companies. We have no predetermined holding periods or arbitrary exit strategies. The ultimate decision to achieve realization of an investment will be based on a careful, joint evaluation with management of what is in the best strategic interest of the company.


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